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Bulk Terminal

With over 20,000,000 gallons of capacity, Van Diest Supply Company operates one of the largest herbicide terminals in the region. Our terminal allows strategic use of formulation facilities to anticipate the peak in-season needs. Van Diest Supply Company’s bulk herbicide terminal stores liquid bulk herbicides in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Nearly all of our tanks operate with stainless steel pumps and pipe and all of them are located inside heated buildings.

Tank trailers are loaded and unloaded in modern, environmentally sound load out facilities. 108 tanker trucks can be loading or unloading under roof in loading bays.

Rail Capabilities

Our expanded rail spur capacity can be serviced from either the west or the east coming off the main line. Over 8,000 linear feet of track provides capacity for over 60 rail cars. Fall protection systems and fire monitors at the rail allow us to load or unload rail tankers safely, quickly and efficiently.

Bulk Tanker Wash Facilities

Van Diest Supply Company has a state-of-the-art Bulk Tanker Wash Facility for cleaning and decontaminating tankers between different herbicides. Our Bulk Tanker Wash Facility allows our customers maximum flexibility with their tanker fleets during the busy season when hauling large volumes of products from our Bulk Terminal Facilities. All waste water generated is treated in an environmentally safe manner.

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